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Find Payday Loan Companies in New Jersey

Governing law in state:
There are no specific cash advance laws in New Jersey. Instead, the state's consumer loan act applies. New Jersey's usury laws essentially prevent payday loan businesses from operating in the state. Furthermore, under New Jersey law, lenders are required, for at least six months, to stop servicing clients who default on loans at least three times in one year.

Maximum loan amount:
New Jersey law does not specify a maximum loan amount.

Loan terms:
Loan terms are not specified under New Jersey law.

New Jersey law does not specify the number of extensions or rollovers available to a borrower.

Fees and charges:
New Jersey allows cash advance creditors to charge any fee or interest rate that the borrower is willing to pay. Although the rates are agreed to by contract, however, the small loan annual rate cap of 30% is applicable. New Jersey's criminal statutes also fix the usury cap at 30%.

Fee schedules and APR:
This is not specified under New Jersey law.

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New Jersey Loan Statistics
2012 2011 2010
Average Loan612612602
Average Age363636
Pay Schedule
  Twice Per Month10%12%11%
Home Owner18%16%20%
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